What Not To Do After a Car Crash

car accident collision

A car crash can be a scary experience. It can shake us, and due to the trauma of the entire experience can lead us to take missteps that may ultimately cause problems with our case later down the road (no pun intended). Below are 3 things to avoid doing after you’ve been in a car accident:

1. If you are NOT at fault, do not apologize after the accident. Do not say you are sorry! It may be a reaction because a traumatic event has just occurred, but, resist the urge to apologize. Anything said after the crash could be used against you at a later time by the other driver.

2. Avoid stating that you feel no pain. It often can take days to feel the pain from a car crash. Immediately after a crash, you may feel fine, but this is often endorphins helping us cope with any immediate injuries and once they wear off, the pain begins. Telling the other driver or the police officer that you do not feel any pain, can be used against you at a later time.

3. Do not attempt to negotiate with the insurance company on your own! Insurance adjusters’ only goal is to settle claim as quickly and for as little as possible. Insurance adjusters to do not have your best interest in mind! It is important that you contact an attorney immediately.

At the Peláez Law Firm, we work for you! We have your best interest in mind and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us if you’ve been injured in a car accident.


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